Lewis Freedman’s CATFISH PO’ BOYS (cover art by TCH)

CATFISH Po’ Boys, the first minutes BOOK,

has two covers, front and back, pictured  above (and actually) below. It has 20 pages. Most pages have two pages. The first page has two doors:

CATFISH PO’ BOYS: later printings

2011 UPDATE: The 2009 and 2010 printings of Catfish PO’ BOYS are long gone. A third (side-stapled, old mimeo style, new cover) will be available for Lewis’ reading at the Poetry Project on February 21. A fourth edition, with full color pages by cover artist TCH, will be available in the future.

There will be a second printing of CATFISH Po’ Boys next week.º A second release party will be held at Amherst Books on Christmas in conjunction with the fourth very annual Robert Walser Christmas. Thanks to all who ordered: prices are still in effect for pre-order of future editionsºº, as they become available:

ºThe second, technically first and a half (or “half hour”) printing, is limited to 30 (25 numbered + 5 HC) copies.

ººIn addition, there will be a SECOND, popular demand (“Two states, we want two states”) EDITION printed in Mad City, Wisconsin, with the same poems in the hand of the cover artist, TCH, instead of the poet.

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The first run of 52 numbered + 8 hors de commerce was printed today by Paradise Candace at Paradise Copies in Paradise City, Massachusetts. As the title pages and colophons are hand-color-penciled (each different, e.g. above), these will ship slowly to those who ordered early and friends of the Society all next week and into the next.